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nuBuilder Forte can create PDF Reports from the data stored in its database tables.

The fonts to be used in reports must be placed in tcpdf/fonts folder. The TCPDF library is in the webroot in v4 and in libs folder in v4.5. The function nuFontList() in nucommon.php file is used to load some initial fonts hardcoded as Helvetica, Courier, Times and Symbol.

There are 3 things needed to create a Report.

  1. An Edit or Launch Form that contains values used by the Report eg From Date and To Date.
  2. A Table containing data to be used by the Report.
  3. A Report designer to create the way this data is displayed.

These Reports will allow the user to do things like...

  • Share information with others.
  • Help make business decisions.
  • Create invoices.
  • Print graphs.

Forum Post informs that v4.5 commit 323 (v4) added a new column pdf_code in the table pdf_temp. So when you call nuRunReportSave() to save a report, the report code is stored in the table too.

Building a Report


A unique code for this Report


The description of this Report


A field that can be used to help organise Reports.


A Table can be created in 3 different ways.

  1. A single table. - (nuTABLE)
  2. An SQL statement created with the SQL Builder. - (nuSQL)
  3. A PHP Procedure.

A Procedure will only appear in this list if #TABLE_ID# is found somewhere within it.

The point of using a Procedures is to create a temporary table that can be manipulated before it is used by the Report.

(If a nuTABLE or a nuSQL table is chosen, this temporary table is created automatically)

The temp table created must be called #TABLE_ID#.

#TABLE_ID# simply gets replaced by the name of a temporary table, created by nuBuilder, that will be used by the Report.

It works the same way as other Hash Cookies.

  $s  = "
     CONCAT(sta_last_name, ',', sta_initials) AS full_name,
     1 AS player
  nuRunQuery("CREATE TABLE #TABLE_ID# $s");

Launch From

A Launch Form will allow..

  • The user to define the information to be stored in the table that will be used by the report.
  • Run the Report from an Action Button at the top of the Form.

Report Designer

nuBuilder Forte has its own Report Designer.

Running A Report

There are 2 ways to launch a Report.

  1. Click the Run Report Button on the Setup Tab of the Home Form.
  2. Create a Button with a custom click event using nuRunReport().