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The nuBuilder Forte Report Designer will open up in a new browser window.

It is a graphical user interface, with drag and drop features, for designing a Report.

New Object

This will add a default Object into the Detail Section of the Report.

Clone Object

Doing this will clone any highlighted Objects.

Cloning an Object often saves more time than just adding an Object.

Select Objects

There are 3 ways to select one or more Objects.

  1. Clicking on an Object. Holding the Ctrl Key down will allow you to add another Object to those already selected.
  2. Drawing a rectangle around them with your mouse.
  3. Clicking Select Objects on the Menu.

Adjust Objects

This will bring up a dialog box with options that can adjust all selected Objects..

  • Align To Left
  • Align To Right
  • Align To Top
  • Align To Bottom
  • Space Vertically
  • Space Horizontally
  • Thinnest
  • Widest
  • Tallest
  • Shortest

Object Properties

  • ID
  • Object Type
    • Field - Displays a value that comes from the reports Table.
    • Label - Displays Text - these can use Hash Cookies.
    • Image - Displays a PNG Image.
  • Left
  • Top
  • Height
  • Width
  • Background Color
  • Border Color
  • Border Width
  • Field Name/Title/Source - (Field/Label/Image)
    • Field Name - A Scrollable list that displays a list of values that comes from the report's Table.
    • Title - Text that can include Hash Cookies.
    • Source - A Scrollable list that displays a list of values that comes from..
      • Field - A Fieldname in the Table.
      • Image - A list of nuBuilder Forte File.
      • Label - A List with only 1 choice (that can be over written with an actual Label) which is used to keep the Label to the exact size as its Height Property - KEEP EXACT HEIGHT.
  • Font Color
  • Font Family
  • Font Size
  • Font Weight
  • Format
  • Text Align
  • Minimum Rows - In a growable Field Object.
  • Maximum Rows - In a growable Field Object.
  • Z Index - Objects with larger numbers will appear on top.

Group Properties

This will bring up a dialog box that will allow us to do 2 things.

  1. Sort the records into a certain order before printing. - Sorting on up to 8 Scrollable fields.
  2. Format each sections of the Report. - The properties for each Section are..
    • Section Height - In pixels.
    • Section Color - HTML.
    • Section Page Break - Start a new page when completed.
      • Yes.
      • No.

Report Properties

This will bring up a dialog box with 2 options.

  1. Paper
  2. Orientation

Copy Changes

This will copy the design back to the Build Report Form and close the Report Designer.

These changes will NOT be saved until the current Build Report record is saved!


There are 2 functions that can be used within Group and Report Headers and Footers.

  1. sum() - eg. sum(inv_total)
  2. average() - eg. average(inv_total, units)

For these functions to work there must be at least 1 Report Group.