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The Form Builder will create a Fast Form.

A Fast Form is just a term that refers to a Form built with the Form Builder.

The Form Builder does a few things.

1. Creates a Form and its Objects.
2. Creates any columns needed for Browse or Browse Edit type Forms.
3. Adds a Button Object (Launch) on the Fast Forms of the Developer's Home Page.
OR, if it was a Subform
displays the Code of the Form that was created.

Screenshots of Fast Form: v4, v4.5.

Fast Form Types



Browse and Edit


  • The Launch Form does not have a Table name associated with it.
  • Its button that runs any type of form and not just a Launch Type can have its Run tab's Record ID property set as:
    • -1 => Add New Record
    • blank for new launch or browse form
    • v4.5 has a dropdown box when empty, to choose the above as well as a Hash Cookie globally set with the JS function nuSetProperty().


Table Name

This is a nuScroll Object that will allow you to do 1 of 2 things.

  1. Create a new table name and its field names.
  2. Choose an existing table and then be able to scroll through its field names in all of the Field Name Objects.
  • Launch Forms do not require a Table Name.

Table Type

  • Browse and Browse and Edit Forms require at least 1 Browse Column checkbox must be ticked.

Foreign Key Field Name

Required only for Subform Form Types, when not using an existing table.

This field is used to link to the Primary Key of its parent Edit Form.


To create a Fast Form the Form Builder has the following predefined Objects...

Clicking one of these Object will add a record to the subform list of Objects to be created, and allow you to do 2 things.

  1. Change its Label
  2. Change its Field Name - If you are using an existing table, this field becomes a nuScroll Object containing all that table's field names.

The possible choice of Objects is...

  • Input:text
  • Input:button
  • Input:checkbox
  • Input:nuAutoNumber
  • Input:nuScroll
  • Input:nuDate
  • Input:nuNumber
  • Input:number
  • Input:file
  • Word
  • Calc
  • Display
  • Lookup
  • HTML
  • Select
  • Select:multiselect
  • Textarea
  • Image
  • Subform

Clicking on ? will show what each Object does and looks like.

Create Fast Form

Click the Action Button named Build Fast Form.

This will create all that is needed by the new Form and display a message to take you to its newly created Button on the Testing Tab.