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Whenever a new update is pulled from Github it includes a file called nubuilder4.sql

This is used by the Update Button on the Builders tab on the Home Page, to make any changes to the current database.

The Update Button should be run each time files are pulled from Github.

Steps to update nuBuilder

  • Backup your database. The Backup consists of a single file containing all nuBuilder tables and data.
  • Backup your nuBuilder files (Eg., add them to an archive 202101028_bk_nubuilder.zip)
  • Pull the latest nuBuilder 4 / 4.5 files from either Github or Sourceforge. Alternatively, use a subversion client to obtain the latest files.
  • Overwrite your nuBuilder files except for nuconfig.php
  • Log into nuBuilder, go to the Database tab or Builders tab (v4) and click on the Update button.
  • If all goes well you should see a message: "You will need to log in again for the changes to take effect."
  • nuBuilder v4.5 now has an Update Wizard.
  • After updating, test your site carefully to verify there are not any problems. The Github commit/change history information is valuable when trying to figure out where something changed.
  • The recommendation is to have a test environment (sandbox) to test changes before applying them to the production environment.