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Replace MySQL with MSSQL for nuBuilder 4.5

  • This is a very new experimental work-in-progress.
  • Attempt this only if proficient in the MSSQL PDO stack with PHP.
  • smalos/nuDev repo has the codebase as of Commit #301.

Install Instructions

  1. Download the codebase
  2. Install SQL Server 2019 Express if you haven't got an SQL Server running yet.
  3. For Database management, download and install SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) or use Adminer instead of phpMyAdmin
  4. Create a database nubuilder4 in MSSQL Server
  5. Run the script nubuilder4_mssql.sql (if your db has a different name, search & replace in the script)
  6. If XAMPP is used, configure it for MSSQL
  7. Modify nuconfig.php:

    $nuConfigDBDriver = "sqlsrv"; //-- MSSQL ( mysql for MySQL/MariaDB )
    $nuConfigDBPort = "1433";     //-- MSSQL Port
    $nuConfigDBHost = "DESKTOP-xyz\SQLEXPRESS"; //-- Server Name

Installation on Synology NAS