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The Format Builder will allow you to create custom formats for nuDate and nuNumber.

To create a Format we need to do 2 things.

  1. Choose the Data Type.
  2. Build the Format.

Building a nuDate

To build a date format, click on a combination of the following options.

Entering a Date with the keyboard requires the user to enter the date in the exact format.

eg. mask - result (2007-13-01 15:20:01)

  • yy - 17
  • yyyy - 2017
  • pp - am or pm
  • dd - 21
  • ddd - Tue
  • dddd - Tuesday
  • mm - 03
  • mmm - Mar
  • mmmm - March
  • hh - 15
  • nn - 20
  • ss - 01

.. and some punctuation.

Building a nuNumber

To build a nuNumber format you will need to provide up to 4 things.

1. A Currency sign (not essential)

2. A Separator that will separate a large number into thousands. (not essential)

3. A Decimal point character (only essential if Decimal Places is greater than 0)

4. Number of Decimal Places.

Changing these will change the display of the Format field.

All of these 4 fields are nuScroll Input Objects (with default values that can be scrolled through but will also accept other characters.)


Number as Text

user types "2" and then it auto formats to "+2.00"
user types "-2" and then it auto formats to "-2.00"
user types "1.5" and it auto formats to "+1.50"
  • Use a Text format for Input Type (and class)
  • In the database, a VARCHAR column type is used
  • Adding an onblur JavaScript event to the object's Custom Code will format the number accordingly when the field loses focus:
let v = $(this).val();
let num = parseFloat($(this).val());
let fixed = num.toFixed(2);
fixed = fixed > 0 ? '+' + fixed : fixed;