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The Cloner feature is available natively in nuBuilder v4.5.

Any Form can be cloned with or without its objects in SQL format to be imported into any other installation of nuBuilder 4.5. This not only applies to forms but to its subforms as well for import into another database.


  • Clone/duplicate a form with all its objects, events, subforms, iframe (run) forms
  • Include only certain form tabs
  • Copy objects to a new or existing form
  • Dump the SQL INSERT statements to the browser window or let them execute directly by nuBuilder. The former allows you to verify (and modify if necssary) the statements before running them with your database tool of choice (e.g. phpMyAdmin, Adminer).

Use cases

  • Clone a form to test changes before they are integrated into the productive system
  • Export a form from one database and import it into another one
  • Create a duplicate of a form if you need a similar one (Instead of recreating it from scratch)
  • Copy a bunch of controls from one form to another