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As a matter of full disclosure from publicly available data, discerning digital assets of the project, ownership and legal status would benefit from the following information.

The Domain nubuilder.com and where it is hosted

Hosting History
IP Address Location IP Address Owner Last seen on this IP Singapore Linode, LLC 2021-01-20 St Kilda - Australia Hostopia Australia Pty Ltd 2017-11-28 Padstow Heights - Australia Hostopia Australia Pty Ltd 2013-06-30 Padstow Heights - Australia Hostopia Australia Pty Ltd 2012-01-11 Kensington and Norwood - Australia iiNet Limited 2011-11-13
Domains Hosted on shared by wiki.nubuilder.net
Domain Last Resolved Date
nubuilder.com.au 2021-01-25
nubuilder.com 2021-01-27
nubuilder.net 2021-01-27
nufunctions.com 2017-02-14
nusoftware.com.au 2020-08-02
nusoftware.com 2019-10-03
  • WHOIS - Privacy Protected, Ownership not visible
  • Registrar: New Frontier is now Name.com
  • Domain Expiration: 2021-04-25T03:07:38Z

Supporting Companies, Individuals