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Installing nuBuilder Forte

To get nuBuilder Forte up and running you'll need to do 3 things...

  1. Copy nuBuilder Forte files into a directory on your server.
  2. Create a new MySQL or Maria DB database.
  3. Update the following variables in nuconfig.php...

  • $nuConfigDBHost
  • $nuConfigDBName
  • $nuConfigDBUser
  • $nuConfigDBPassword
  • $nuConfigDBGlobeadminUsername - globeadmin username
  • $nuConfigDBGlobeadminPassword - globeadmin password
  • $nuConfigTitle
  • $nuConfigIsDemo
  • $nuConfigTimeOut


       $nuConfigDBHost                 = "";
       $nuConfigDBName                 = "nubuilder4";
       $nuConfigDBUser                 = "root";
       $nuConfigDBPassword             = "";
       $nuConfigDBGlobeadminUsername   = "globeadmin";     //-- globeadmin username
       $nuConfigDBGlobeadminPassword   = "notpassword";    //-- globeadmin password
       $nuConfigTitle                  = "nuBuilder 4";
       $nuConfigIsDemo                 = false;
       $nuConfigTimeOut                = 1440;

Logging into nuBuilder for the first time will automatically create all the default system tables required for a new default copy of nuBuilder.

Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD) for NuBuilder

Setup Inside nuBuilder


Click the Setup Button on the Setup Tab of the Home Form to edit the following...

Time Zone

The default TimeZone setting for the user.


Set the language for the globeadmin user.


  • Tick the checkbox to suppress the display of system forms and objects. This should be unticked during development only if it is desired to study some core implementations and change as desired. When an Update is done to NuBuilder, this will get ticked.

Email Settings

Auth SMTP settings required...

  • User Name
  • Password
  • Host
  • From Address
  • From Name
  • Port
  • Use SSL
  • Use Authentication


The Header is placed in the HTML5 header of nuBuilder Forte and can be used for adding...

  • Javascript libraries
  • Javascript functions
  • Style Sheets
  • CSS Styles



<script> - Any function in this script tag will be available anytime within nuBuilder.

function nuHeaderTest(){

console.log('Functions placed here before a closing script tag are available anywhere in nuBuilder Forte');


</script> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


.nuActionButton { //-- personalise your Action Buttons

background : orange;