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Common Info

  • nuBuilder v4 has evolved over several years through 2020 by Steven Copley
  • nubuilder v4.5 is the brand new version as of 2021 primarily by smalos / kev1n
  • Each version has their minimum server component version compatibility specifications.
  • Quite a few libraries are compatible between versions and are limited by their server component version based usability.
  • Any version of nudb (phpMyAdmin) library that suits the server component versions can be deployed except that its file needs to be matched. More Info
  • MediaWiki is used for this wiki
  • PHP 5 through 8 are used with various customisations / alternate versions of library components listed herein
  • JS / CSS Minified library versions are generally distributed and used. Transform a JavaScript into a more readable form by clicking the Pretty-Print icon in Chrome DevTools or Mozilla Firefox. (Other browsers might have a similar functionality or use the Notepad++ plugin JSTool).

nuBuilder v4.5 Version