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nuBuilder Forte can be installed as a Wordpress plugin.

This plugin can be found by searching for nuBuilder in the plugin directory of www.wordpress.org.

(This installation is different than the standalone version of nuBuilder Forte found on Github and can only be started from within Wordpress.)

When using this plugin you are not required to log in to nuBuilder as it uses the details of the person already logged in. - anyone logged in as Admin will be given the same access as globeadmin has.

Once installed, nuBuilder Forte can be mashed into Wordpress Pages or Posts using a Wordpress shortcode (iFrame).

The following is an example of using the nuBuilder shortcode...

[nubuilder style="height:500px;width:1000px;border-style:none" al="EDIT"]

  • style = CSS Style for iFrame.
  • al = The code used by an Access Level (if not defined, the Access Level will default to that of the logged in user.) The User ID can be used as a Hash Cookie. #USER_ID#

The Access Level will set which nuBuilder Form will be used as the Home Page.

This is defined by setting the Home Page of an Access Level.